Diesen Sommer gibt es wieder Schlosslichtspiele! Am 18. August starten die Projection Mappings auf dem Karlsruher Schloss
20. Juli 2021 TEXT: 0

The Schlosslichtspiele return to Karlsruhe! After the digital edition 2020, the spectacle will take place again this summer on the baroque facade of Karlsruhe Palace. From August 18 to October 3, the projection mappings will be on view that lit up the digital space last year. There are also new shows.

The curator of the Schlosslichtspiele, Prof. Peter Weibel, is pleased that the event can return to the city and the palace. „But the digital will stay with us, we want to continue to reach people all over the world with the artistic work of the Schlosslichtspiele from the Uneso City of Media Arts,“ he says.

The exact program of the Schlosslichtspiele 2021 will be announced in the coming weeks, the planning is so flexible that you can react to changing conditions and regulations. In addition to the postponement of the start to August 18, another important measure is the Light Festival: It shows light art and illuminations at decentralized stations in the city and takes place at the same time as the Schlosslichtspiele.


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