Hund im Auto
Hund allein im heißen Auto gelassen – Anzeige droht! Badegast am Epplesee musste seinen Vierbeiner auf dem Polizeirevier abholen
14. Juni 2021 TEXT: 0

You should never leave a dog alone in the car in warm weather, as it threatens to die from heat there within a short time. A visitor to the Epplesees went on Sunday anyway and left his dog in the car , which was parked in the blazing sun.

Employees of a security service became aware of the animal and called the police around 4 pm The found on site that the dog panted in the clearly heated car and apparently had no more water available.

The officers freed the animal from the vehicle and took it to the station because the owner could not be found even after a loudspeaker announcement at the lake. At around 6 pm he finally picked up the dog at the station and now has to expect a report.

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