Jean-Remy von Matt im ZKM-Kubus Fotos: Sabine Baur
Kult-Werber Jean-Remy von Matt im ZKM Seine neue Installation "Talking Tubes" erhebt Dialoge zu Kunst  
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Art is back in Karlsruhe! One of the new, exciting exhibitions will open on Thursday evening at the ZKM and can be seen in the Kubus from July 2nd to September 19th: Talking Tubes is the name of the acoustic installation by artist Jean- Remy .

The visitors encounter a staging made of metal, industrial waste and fire hoses, which represent the connection between the “ talking tubes ”.

Jean-Remy von Matt with plugs in the ZKM cube
Jean-Remy von Matt explains his installation in the ZKM cube

But who is talking to whom and about what? In short, it is about the speaking itself – from one mouthpiece to another, without the influence of external appearances. The artist thus represents the direct dialogue and its effect.

Jean-Remy von Matt lets celebrities do the talking

In the art world still new, is Jean-Remy not an unknown personality. For decades he shaped the advertising industry as a co-founder of the Hamburg agency Jung von Matt in Germany and Europe. He left day-to-day business three years ago and started realizing his own artistic projects. „Now I am the master of my ideas and can make my own decisions,“ he says in an interview before the official opening.

Connector Talking Tubes Jean-Remy by Matt
Plug in the socket: the visitors decide what they hear

Jan Josef Liefers and Anna Loos will also come to Karlsruhe on Thursday evening . The actor couple lent their voices to the speaking metal tubes in the ZKM . Your conversations are about the quality of listening, small talk, or how free we are in our talking today. The visitors to the exhibition decide for themselves which dialogue they hear – depending on which plug they put into the socket. So touching is allowed!

The idea comes from my school days

For the artist, the installation shown in Karlsruhe is not a work, but rather a theme that should keep moving. Its content and actors can change again and again. The idea of ​​this project is very old, says the 68-year-old. “When I was a student in physics class, I thought about talking tubes for the first time.” Today the subject is more topical than ever for him. Everyone is networked with everyone else, but the direct dialogue from eye to eye has been lost to some extent. “A very banal ‚let’s talk‘ is still the best way to improve things or resolve conflicts,” says Jean-Remy of Matt .

Jean-Remy von Matt with Shining Fork in the ZKM cube
Jean-Remy von Matt with Shining Fork in the ZKM cube

Design enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth in his Karlsruhe exhibition: The “ Talking Tubes ” are framed by a lighting concept that Jean-Remy built from old washing drums and pitchforks. In the end, these “ Shining Forks ” became a separate upcycling project with a  photo tape.

The artist found the installation materials on internet platforms, and some of it comes from flea markets or the hardware store. He drove the 420 kilogram objects in a van from his home in Berlin to be assembled in Karlsruhe.

“I haven’t been so excited for decades,” admits Jean-Remy before the opening. Being an artist is something new to him. He deliberately does without his well-known surname. He enjoys it, to start from scratch – without the pressure he in We have always felt coloring.

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